When our artists have worked really hard on a wonderful project, there's nothing better than getting to see the finished product finally released. Here on our showcase, we're proud to share some of our very favourite books illustrated by Beehive artists.

Published by Quarto US

Discover the most amazing animals that ever lived - follow the holes to uncover secrets of the dinosaurs!

Illustrated By Rudolf Farkas
Published 01/08/2018

Published by Hinkler Books

For over a century, this classic tale has captivated and entertained children and adults alike. This 32-page picture book has been adapted for young readers and features beautiful illustrations of these beloved characters and their timeless stories.

Illustrated By Lee Holland
Published 01/08/2018

Published by Usborne Publishing

For all of his early life, Oliver is hungry and poor. Then he runs away to London, where he soon makes new friends – but kind old Fagin and the Artful Dodger are not quite what they seem.

Illustrated By Elena Selivanova
Published 19/08/2018

Published by Buster Books

A fun and exciting way for children to practise their counting skills, Colossal Creature Count will take readers on an exhilarating journey through the Amazon rainforest, across the Arctic tundra…

Illustrated By Daniel Limon
Published 08/09/2016

Published by Scholastic

Welcome to the Enchanted Pony Academy, where glittery ponies learn how to use their magic! Electra loves to be outside, running as fast as she can--and she's fast! So now that it's time to learn to ride with the children at Enchanted Pony Academy, Electra couldn't be more excited.

Illustrated By Ilias Arahovitis
Published 22/08/2018

Published by Usborne Publishing

Discover the fabulous clothes worn in the Middle Ages over a thousand years ago in this stylish sticker book. There are over 100 stickers of dresses, headdresses, fans, overgowns, shields and tunics to create beautiful outfits for visiting the Spanish Court, Canterbury Cathedral or a jousting contest.

Illustrated By Elena Selivanova
Published 15/08/2018

Published by Macmillan

A curse is not a big deal. Sitting Duck has already survived five disasters, so what’s the worst that can happen, really? Well… you’re about to find out.

Illustrated By Jorge Santillan
Published 23/05/2017

Published by Usborne Children's Books

When Rose Muddle is plucked from the workhouse to become a maid in a grand mansion, she discovers that her new mistress has secret plans for her – plans which involve a strange amber pendant with extraordinary powers.

Illustrated By Davide Ortu
Published 16/08/2017

Published by Scholastic

Curses: load of rubbish or for real? Super sleuth Poppy must figure it out when trouble strikes ‘cursed’ play Macbeth…

Illustrated By Beatrice Bencivenni
Published 16/08/2018

Published by Usborne

Travel Doodles is packed with amazing outdoor-themed doodles for children to colour and complete.

Illustrated By Adrian Barclay
Published 07/07/2016